The India Music Summit
The best musical minds under one roof
A congregation where music lovers, musicians and the music Industry come together to immerse themselves in two days of workshops, lecture-demonstrations/ performances/ classes and talks about the art, science, technology of music.Set up in a conveniently located space, this is slated to become the Mecca of Music for all those seeking to be part of a magical music journey. The summit is designed to dissolve the distance between the stage and the audience where the energy of the music, musicians and music lovers becomes one.The summit is designed not just for performances but also to have conversations around music: from the future of music, to the lives of musicians to Q and A’s with artists to lecture-demonstrations on classical appreciation, genre-specific topics, nostalgia to key-note speeches from the most prominent names around the world in the music Industry.The summit is also a time to celebrate: music and musicality with an indulgent multitude of voices; and to rub shoulders with artistes; network with those who matter in the music world, or with other music lovers. Audiences can expect to listen to great sound, observe, take in, learn, absorb or just to be alone with their own music.
Artists at the core

It is important to note that there is a lot of unrecognized, unsung talent in our country that remains unrewarded and seldom finds a platform to showcase their talent. Also, many of our brilliant artistes who are maestros in their respective genres - be it folk, sufi, classical or ghazal - are not finding support amongst audiences, and are, therefore, resorting to many populist forms in order to earn a livelihood.

It is imperative, therefore, to help create platforms for newer emerging talent and to offer them a setting to display their musical excellence in multiple genres. This is required, both, in order to discover new talent, as also, to make it desirable for talented musicians to perfect their art.

India Music Summit
Jaipur - Fairmont Hotel
October 27th - 29th, 2017
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