Musiconcepts was born with a vision to preserve, promote and celebrate the rich musical legacy in India, and across the world, to create listeners of excellence.

The motivation and mindset
We, at Musiconcepts feel that this is the time to shift the focus back to our musical tradition, its evolution and in the way it has kept in sync with the changing times. It is a great opportunity to showcase unique sounds, experiences and conversations to audiences both in India and overseas.
"My lifelong passion for the arts has always drawn me closer to the world of music, and Musiconcepts is a culmination of my enduring endeavor to reach within myself and contribute something truly worthy to the world of music"
~Mala Sekhri
"Over the last few years, I have been deeply surrounded and immersed in the world of music. MusiConcepts is my way of taking my passion for music to the next level."
~Aparna Joshi
Founding Partner
"I have always been inspired by the art and science of music . I am looking forward to a journey that will give me the opportunity to dive deep into the world of music."
~Ambika Srivastava
Founding Partner
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